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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
29-Jun-03 - 10:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
I've been on the Australian Direct Marketing Assn's Off List for years & all I ever get in my mailbox is letters from Real Estate agents either offering me another property or wanting to buy mine. They bought/collected the details either from the Council or the Land Titles Office. I just throw them away or return them with a BIG sticker saying "Unsolicited Junk Mail Return to Sender".

I also never enter competitions, & certainly won't be redeeming the voucher I got from our local bookshop with my new Harry Potter - in the small print on the back it says I allow my address to be used for junk mail (well, they didn't use that phrase). I have also confused shop assistants by refusing vouchers in the past!! "You mean you don't want a chance to win ...???"

I rarely get calls cos I never speak to them. As soon as a bright voice says "Hello, my name's ..." I hang up. They intrude on me, why waste my time being polite to them, or even rude to them, the poor bugger is only doing a job - let 'em get on to the next number on their list.

Spam is a different matter - probably the only way to get rid of it is to close down the internet. Which seems to be getting close as such a large % of traffic is spam. Our beloved leaders are trying to grapple with the problem - but how do they outlaw it when most comes from overseas?