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Posted By: GUEST,sorefingers
29-Jun-03 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
My hatred has nothing to do with what these people sell or calling me
What makes me hop, it has changed my life several times and if there was a court that had jurisdiction I would be rich from the lawsuits about denial of normal use of the phone service I pay for!

If I get an overseas call it is listed as 'unknown' just like the intrusion-sales-abuse calls. In effect I often go not get to talk to family and friends BECAUSE the system is so biased in favor of these timewasting pests!

It is similar to but not quite as wrong as having to pay for advertisers time on cable! If ever there was a case for 'class' law case then this is it!

On average I pay 20 minutes perhour for stuff that A I dont want to watch and B would never watch and C would certainly never ever ever pay to watch and D would DEMAND payment for having to watch...

Spam could be gotten rid of now if the Government or ISPs wanted to do it. It is very very easy to identify and trash all emails of a specific type - it might make the privacy lobby in the USA hop but it can be easily done!