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Posted By: GUEST,.gargoyle
29-Jun-03 - 04:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
I don't get many calls from tele-marketers. I kinda wish I did. I used get lots. Now its like my name on their list is hid.

Some nights when I've popped the cork on the second fifth of bourbon - it gets to feeling a little lonely with only the gold fish and the plants. That is when I used to like the marketers to call. They would talk and talk about all sorts of things and I would listen and listen.

Things like "Gold Cards" when they were through I'd explain that Gold was not a good investment....and then they'd start all over again explaining - but I could neve convince them that they should get out of the market because gold had hit its peak. After about 10 minutes they would hang up.

Things like "Re-Activate" - when they were through I would ask if they were serious? I would tell them that they should leave their business immediately because it was dangerous and their children (if they should ever be fortunate have any) could turn out to be mongoloyds or if they were lucky they could have three arms which would make holding more than one telephone easier, and then their children could make it rich and they (as parents of the prodegy) would not have to work anymore. After they explained it all over I'd tell them that the government was looking for people like them, and so were the terrorists, radio-activity is something that should not be sold so easily over the phone....and I don't think it is legal. After about 15 minutes.... sometimes.... they said they would have a supervisor phone me....but they never did.

I REALLY miss the tele-marketers phoning my home. When you are alone.... at home.... chewing peanut-butter and is nice to have someone around to hear you munch, munch, munch....and to wait while you unstick the stuff from the roof of your mouth.


Cordless phones are cool too....because you can walk around with them....and take them into the bathroom with you....(but since I switched from beer to bourbon I'm in the bathroom less.)