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Posted By: Ferret
20-Jul-99 - 05:24 PM
Thread Name: Censor Mudcat--Y or N?(NM)(not music thread)
Subject: RE: Censor Mudcat--Y or N?(NM)(not music thread)
You can pleas most of the people most of time, but you can't pleas all the people all of the time

Remember Jaw, Jaw, is far better than War, War.

I have fond the caters that I have disagreed with often more interesting than some of the one I have concerned with.

That is to say it make's you think it is. And can be very thought provoking. And the forum is safe place for this to happen people my get offended but not physically hurt. There is always the ability to ignore some thing you fin offensive and not respond.

I would like to remind some of the definition of forum in the Dictionary

1: A meeting for the open discussion of subjects of public interest.

2: A medium for open discussion.

3: A public meeting place for open discussion.

If you censor it, it will by definition not be open discussion this does not give an excuse for rudeness. Those who have to result to this tack have usually lost the discussion (Remember empty vessels make the most noise)

So NO to censorship. Yes to self restrant.

All the best