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Posted By: Joe Offer
29-Jul-97 - 10:26 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Circle Round the Sun
Subject: Lyr Add: CIRCLE 'ROUND THE SUN (James Taylor)
Hi, Strizzolo - another similar song is "Circle of the Sun," by Sally Rogers. "Babies are born in the circle of the sun...." "Stealin'" and "Circle of the Sun" are in the Digital Tradition database, but I suppose the one you want is the 1969 James Taylor song.

(James Taylor, 1969)

O I love my baby and she's bound to love me some.(twice)
Well she throws her arms around me just like a circle 'round the sun.

I lay down last night, I was trying to take my rest (twice)
But my thoughts they just kept wanderin' like them wild geese in the west.

Now I know that sunrise, it's gonna shine in my backyard someday. (twice)
And that wind's just bound to rise up, gonna blow, blow all my blues away.

Is that the song you wanted?
-Joe Offer-