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Posted By: The Shambles
02-Jul-03 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: Licensing Bill UK - Urgent help please.
Subject: RE: Licensing Bill UK - Urgent help please.
I have also sent the following.

The Government's latest amendment is rubbish but is at least a start.

For although only applying as a condition they have accepted things that they have long argued against being able to do..

- A time limit i.e. 8am to 12 midnight

-The concept of unamplified music -

- And a demimimus.

As this only applies where a Premises Licence, entertainment permission and a safe capacity limit is in place it of little use and there are no details on how/when/where this safe capacity limit can be imposed and where it cannot.

It is only the Government's determination not to impose a safe capacity on ALL premises that prevent the whole issue being easily resolved by this simple act - as a measure to prevent overcrowding which must be consistent with public safety and rather difficult to argue against.

If all premises had a safe limit imposed - and it looks as if this is way we are going - any legal activity could take place as long as this limit was not exceeded, without any need for additional entertainment permission or conditions.

But whatever! The opposition in the Lords are the ones holding all the cards. I hope the Lords recognise this and will stand firm and not sell us down the river. The Government do not appear to recognise the weakness of their position and are fast running out of time.

But they really must come up with something better than this............One that will not necessitate all premises to hold a Premises Licence and perpetuating the plainly ridiculous idea that all and only premises requiring entertainment - will need a safe capacity limit to be imposed.

With this senseless proposal - which in practice will make no difference at all except to still require all entertainment permissions to require a safe capacity limit to be imposed - just to see if this pointless exemption to the conditions applies. And for no other reason - and only in pubs - not coffee bars or cafes or premises not supplying alcohol.

How is overcrowding to be prevented in premises not providing entertainment?

The fact will still remain that if premises do not apply for the optional entertainment- any live music will be criminal without this - and the Bill being able to increase the take-up figure in alcohol serving premises - from the current 5% - is still a gamble.