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Posted By: Big Mick
20-Jul-99 - 09:33 PM
Thread Name: Censor Mudcat--Y or N?(NM)(not music thread)
Subject: RE: Censor Mudcat--Y or N?(NM)(not music thread)
My last word on this subject is that no one should make any assumptions as to who did this. Thank you, Alison (otherwise known as THE FAIR ALISON) for letting them know that you were witness. I had no intentions of mentioning names and I am grateful that you have lent credibility. I want to say that I do not believe that Joe Offer, Max, Dick or Susan had anything to do with this. You may think that that eliminates all possibilities, but let me assure you it does not. I have watched this site for a considerable amount of time. I believe these people to be honorable and do not believe they had anything to do with it. It was relatively minor and has not occurred since despite plenty of occasions where I am sure these fine people would have loved to exercise the option. I think that we all know that there will be no censorship here. Let's give this one a rest. There is no debate.