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Posted By: John Hindsill
20-Jul-99 - 11:23 PM
Thread Name: Censor Mudcat--Y or N?(NM)(not music thread)
Subject: RE: Censor Mudcat--Y or N?(NM)(not music thread)
I really cannot believe that anyone would want to censor this forum! While I do no agree with many postings, either as to content or intent, I think we would be poorer for the lack of them. Sometimes what we perceive in a written posting is not intended; as I told Catspaw49 in the chat room, inflection is everything and is lost in a simple written statement. Even where the comments become ad hominum I subscribe to the old sayings of "sticks and stones" and "I'm rubber, you're glue"

What would we censor if censor we did? Trade union songs? Anti-union songs? Murder ballads? National anthems? Gospel music? Nursery songs? and etc. And the discussions about these and other topics, would they be taboo? I would hope no.

For Melodeon, hate to tell you that facists (big F or little f) don't have the market on censorship. I cite Orwell's "1984" as what Communism did, and maybe does yet. Too, is not P.C. a form of censorship imposed by the Left? Yeah, I think so.

Somebody famous said that the antidote to free speech is more free speech. While I may not have it exactly right, I think it an apt aphorism for us.---John