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04-Jul-03 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: Why is 'Dixie' considered racist?
Subject: RE: Why is 'Dixie' considered racist?
Let's take a breath. Because I suspect that we all long for the same thing-- freedom for all, that harms no one.

Looking back at the posts so far-- no one here has accused anyone of being racist. A question was asked about how people feel, and feedback was offered. IMO, statements about political correctness or killing folk music are not helpful to the issue raised, and illustrate the problem more than the solution.

Could we agree perhaps that it is a loaded issue froma large number of angles, and that it's not likely to be resolved in one Mudcat thread? Could we agree that working toward something positive, instead of agsint something negative, is liekly to have amore positive impact?

Below is one man's experience contemplating "The Beloved Community."


excerpted from THE WELL WORN PATH by Richard Flyer

I cannot take the well worn path.

The tried and true.
Take a chance I must.
Let down my artificial barriers and opaque covers.
For I can be as others misperceive me, playing the roles and games, or, I can learn to be myself, a Human Being.

'Tis a fair question, To be or not to be?

I sit here in the cold and feel numb as the wind howls and icicles fly through the air.

How can I Be?
How can I Be?

I want to serve, to share, to give, and to love.

How can I learn to serve groups that would have me sent out with my fellows to slaughter millions or destroy nature?

How can I learn to share myself and play mindless games of compromise, always smoothing over rough edges, never taking a stand as a man?

How can I learn to give to societies' "Big Lie", saying we are all separate, when the lie is magnified by my complicity?

How can I learn to love in a world where human beings are at constant battle with their brothers and sisters?

Such are the dilemmas we face.

Within I must travel, deeper and deeper, to explore how the inside and outside are intimately related and actually one essence.

Take time out to reflect, find solitude, and look upon the natural world.
Then, arise, and touch another as you begin to touch yourself, genuinely, with conviction.

Discover that there is no fear.

Be bold.
Go forward.
Walk into light.
See as you have never seen.
Aspire to heights never experienced, never witnessed.
Don't be satisfied.
Don't be comfortable.

The deeper the search in the mine of truth and love, the richer the discovery of exquisite gems.
We must begin the world anew.

Earth, heaven,and truth are inside and all around us.

Desire to see and feel this all pervasive unity, where everything has relationship to all else.

Begin with a decision.

Act on what you perceive to be true.

Say no to blind obedience, to unquestioning, to cynicism.
Say yes to healing the wounds of separation and division among and within us, to affirming new possibility, to building a world based on compassion and love.
Take the first step on the not so well worn path.

Let it begin with each of us