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Posted By: Candyman(inactive)
04-Jul-03 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: Why is 'Dixie' considered racist?
Subject: RE: Why is 'Dixie' considered racist?
As for the Confederate (battle) Flag (and it's aspects still seen in several Southern state flags) I have said for many years that Black communities should begin flying it from their homes, churches, community buildings, stores, wearing on their persons, etc. First of all, it would rip apart the negative meaning promoted by fascist, racist pigs, and secondly it would render it almost meaningless because of how commonly it would be seen.

Flying the Confederate flag celebrates an era when the Southern states went to war so that their ancestors would remain in slavery. That is not something that any of my African American friends would ever care to celebrate.

If I follow your logic, Jews should adopt the swastika, the symbol of the regime that committed genocide against six million of them.

I don't think so.