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Posted By: Frankham
04-Jul-03 - 08:11 PM
Thread Name: Why is 'Dixie' considered racist?
Subject: RE: Why is 'Dixie' considered racist?
"I wish I was in the land of cotton"....well I don't. I don't think it was a very good place to be if you were black. Eli Whitney may have prolonged slavery.

"Live and die to take my stand in Dixie". Anyone who says that the American Civil War was fought for other reasons than slavery is not dealing with reality. The idea was this, the Southerners didn't want any Yankee telling them how to run their states. This included slavery and was the main point. The proof of this? Look how long it took the South to integrate.

So why is Dixie considered racist? Because there is a sub-text. The support of slavery in the South.

Actually, the tune is great. It's catchy and bouncy and full of rhythm but I wouldn't sing it just any where because no matter who sings it, it has to be offensive to black people because of it's association. In a context of a program to explain the brutality of the people of the South, then it would make sense to do it.

BTW, black people would also be offended by The Bonny Blue Flag if it were more popular today. "Fighting for our property we gained by honest toil" is ingenuous at the least. Guess what property they were fighting for?

Frank Hamilton