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Posted By: GUEST,Emily
05-Jul-03 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Jim Moray- new face of folk? BBC R4 now
Subject: RE: Jim Moray- new face of folk? BBC R4 now
Right. Firstly, I think Jim lived in Congleton not Macclesfield (not much of a difference I know)! He doesn't have much of a Stafford accent but I've never detected any mid Atlantic accent...And it might not sound like he sings traditionally but he is as traditional as anyone else - he's been singing English folk songs practically since he could talk!

Its definitely not an attempt to emulate Jon Boden - he thinks he's great, but Moray only came accross his singing about 2 years ago when 'Through and Through' came out, and he himself has been singing like he does in folk clubs for years, apart from a small gap when he fronted several poppy-indie bands, which I think is quite obvious in his style. If you'd suggested he was emulating Nic Jones you'd be more on track!

I personally don't think his aim has ever been to be incredibly new and ground breaking - his music has always (in my opinion) used electronics in good taste and with feeling - according to the lyrics and the expression of the song, not just for the sake of being radical. People can interpret him as being innovative, but stripped down of his equipment, he is just as good a singer and would have been just as well known within the folk scene (look at poverty knock). And he is intelligent and passionate about the english tradition. He wants to make it more approachable to the young people who are not so aware of the folk scene, and this is the way to get interest, however naff and un-radical it may sound to some people.

His song material may seem over-used, but he certainly does have a wide folk song knowledge as well! And he's a fascinating, down-to-earth bloke who's recorded an amazing CD in his bedroom, whilst doing a degree, with limited equipment and student debts, so I think thats quite impressive!