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Posted By: GUEST,blue angel
06-Jul-03 - 07:00 PM
Thread Name: Jim Moray- new face of folk? BBC R4 now
Subject: RE: Jim Moray- new face of folk? BBC R4 now
well, as a 20 something who got into folk a few years ago and knows quite a few "young folkies" i feel i have to put my oar in. first off jim moray is not my favourite artist , in my humble opinion (and bearing in mind that i can't sing as well as he) he should relax a bit more and stop trying so hard. but come on guys, give the guy a break! is it his fault that the media are obsessed with "the latest new thing"? and of course he must be influenced by other singers, everyone who sings is, that's how people learn to sing!! not only does he sing traditional stuff, but he knows a lot about what he's doing and can talk coherently about it. and as for making snide comments about how he's got a university degree, come on, why should that preclude him from singing folk? lots of "young people" these days go to uni, so its inconsistent to blather on about wanting more young people to get into folk music and then moaning if they happen to have done a few qualifications. and i can't see the mid atlantic accent myself, he just doesn't have a strong accent, and I personally prefer him singing in his so called mid atlantic style than trying to adopt a fake accent in order to sound more "authentic". right, rant over, i'm off to bed.