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Posted By: dagenham doc
07-Jul-03 - 05:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: I've never wrecked a car before!!!!.
Subject: BS: I've never wrecked a car before!!!!.
I'm not well….It was like leaving the car at the old peoples home. They gave me twenty dollars for her. Twenty !!!? …one for every year I've had her….Then….. after finding out if they would accept her or not. (Can you believe that??????) . I had to drive her into the yard sanctum. ……….The place from which no car returns….She was left in a line to be dealt with ####*!!. I felt like I'd left her on death row. I looked around at the rows of cars up on stands …. their wheels and tires missing. People were stripping bits down as they wanted them. Like walking past rows of hanging bodies whilst the crows peck at the eyes. I know, I know….but it was Myyyyyyyyyyyyy !! car. I'm missing her already.I couldn't get the plates off. Glad really . Said good - bye and hurtled through a million trips we've shared together. I bet she's realised by now that she's not in for a spit and polish…………. I told you I wasn't well.