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Posted By: treewind
07-Jul-03 - 12:35 PM
Thread Name: Jim Moray- new face of folk? BBC R4 now
Subject: RE: Jim Moray- new face of folk? BBC R4 now
I agree with Malcolm's opinion that all the electronic stuff is 70's retro - the only difference is that in the 70's you had to build it up in the studio whereas now he can do it live with his PC. The sooner he drops it the better. It just adds superfluous backgound noise and doesn't do anything for the song. The real achievement (especially with this type of music) is to be able to stand and and sing a song unaccompanied and make it tell its story. You don't have to perform unaccompanied all the time, of course, but having that ability enables you to put things in perspective.

What's remarkable is that somebody aged 21 is singing traditional English songs at all, and getting media coverage for doing so, and at least some of the time getting his listeners excited about his performance and hopefully about the music. It almost doesn't matter how well he does it. I wish him well but agree that the musical quality is variable so far.