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Posted By: Jim Dixon
08-Jul-03 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Eleven More Months and Ten More Days
Joe Offer: Yes, it is strange that this song contains a verse from FIVE NIGHTS DRUNK, but that's the way Vernon Dalhart sings it. Maybe Dalhart inserted that verse to give a suggestion of how he ended up in jail. The song was written by Arthur Fields & Fred Hall in 1930, but I don't know how closely Dalhart stuck to the words they wrote.

Below my transcription of the Vernon Dalhart recording at The Record Lady's All-Time Country Favorites.

It was also recorded by [in no particular order] Lone Star Ranger (John White), Gunboat Billy, Mack Allen (V. Dalhart), Billy Cotton & His Band, Al Craver (V. Dalhart), Bert Ambrose and his Orchestra, Jack Hylton and his Orchestra (There is a sound file on this page.), The Borstal Collegians, Al Bowlly, the Sons of the Pioneers, Johnny Bond, The Rhythmic Eight (sound file here), Dick Unteed, and Frank Dudgeon.

Am I right in thinking most of those guys are British, and the song is better known in Britain than in the US? I had never heard of it myself, before this thread.

Maybe someone with a better grasp of British accents would like to try transcribing the other 2 versions that I gave links to.

The tune is familiar, though the words are not. It sounds a bit like Draft Dodger Rag, but with fewer notes per measure. I have a hunch the tune is older than the song. Anybody recognize it?

(As sung by Vernon Dalhart)

1. I'm in the hoosegow twenty days. Just twenty days ago
I met the judge, the kind old judge, who was feeling fine and so
He gave me just a year in jail, a sociable sort of a gink,
All on account of a gallon of corn that I thought I could drink.

2. Now, I came home one Sat'day night as tight as I could be.
I saw a hat on top of the rack where my hat ought to be.
"What is that?" I asked my wife. "It's a frying pan," said she,
But a frying pan with a hat band on I never before did see.

CHORUS: Oh, in eleven more months and ten more days
I'll be out of the calaboose.
In eleven more months and ten more days
They're gonna turn me loose.

3. The other day the warden said, "We'd like to bring you cheer,
And give you lots of different sports while you are staying here.
Now, just what athletic do you think that you would like?"
I said, "If it's all the same to you, I'd like to go on a hike."

4. Now, we play baseball once a week, and you should see the score!
Every player steals the base. They've stolen things before.
There's lots of folks would like to come and see us when we play,
But they built a wall around the place to keep the crowd away. CHORUS

5. A visitor passing by my cell, just the other day,
I called him from my window and I said, "Now, stranger, say,
Can you tell me what time it is?" He looked me in the face,
And said, "What do you care what time it is? You ain't going anyplace."

6. A bird in another cell asked me, "How long are you in here for?"
I told him that I'd be here eleven months and ten days more.
"I'm here until tomorrow," said he. I said, "You son of a gun!
You're a lucky guy." He said, "Am I? Tomorrow I'm gonna be hung." CHORUS

7. Another guy with a ten-year stretch got three years off his bit
For being a model prisoner, so I shook him by the mitt.
They're giving a celebration for that lucky son of a gun,
Because his father's awful proud to have such a wonderful son. CHORUS