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Posted By: GUEST,Dan Abnormal
08-Jul-03 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: Jim Moray- new face of folk? BBC R4 now
Subject: RE: Jim Moray- new face of folk? BBC R4 now
For what its worth, I don't like everything Jim does musically either, but he is a friend of mine (I did my degree alongside him) and I think I speak for both of us when I say how annoyed I am by the implication halfway up this page that it somehow makes have to work less hard for recognition. Frankly, the way you get access to the media like Jim has is paying a publicist a shedload of money (and having talent, of course...).

I think the reason he comes across as nervous, or 'trying too hard' is because of over-inflated claims in the media. No, its not revolutionary, but its not supposed to be - its only folk music after all! I would also take issue with the suggestion that he should drop all of the computer stuff live - there is only one song in his set where he uses the computer at all. The rest of the time it functions as a midi controller for guitar effects etc.

I know I can't be very objective, but I think people are taking this all a little too seriously. If you prefer acoustic music (or other singers for that matter) then great, you already have someone to listen to. Don't hold a grudge against Jim simply because he is on the radio in the week his album comes out. If it comes down to another pop-idol getting the airtime or traditional songs I'll pick traditional songs any day, no matter who is singing them.