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Posted By: Ely
08-Jul-03 - 09:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: I've never wrecked a car before!!!!.
Subject: RE: BS: I've never wrecked a car before!!!!.
We donated our beloved 1983 Toyota Tercel wagon (at 258,000 miles) to Voluteers of America and they came to get it with a flatbed wrecker. I know they do that because they can never be sure what condition a donation car will ACTUALLY be in, and it's simpler if it's a 4-wheel drive or something, but it was awful to watch because the car ran fine. The body was in abysmal shape (had been hit before we owned it and every time you went over a bump, you looked back to make sure you still had a tailgate and a rear axle), but it ran like a charm. Probably still does, for someone.

In 16 years, apart from regular maintenance, we replaced the ignition and the tailgate lock and nothing else (we replaced the ignition because the keys wore out and we couldn't replacements any more).

On another note:
On my way to San Marcos last Thursday I managed to hydroplane and rear-end a Chevy Malibu full of Mormon missionaries. No injuries and no serious damage, but apart from whatever the Mormons want from me I now have to get the front bumper repaired--for cosmetic reasons--on my beautiful year-old hatchback. *Sob*. My only consolation is that, while we were exchanging insurance information, there were two other accidents at the same wet, oily intersection (a multi-car rear-ender and a pickup that spun out and broadsided the retaining wall on the other side of the road). I may be an imperfect driver but I'm in plentiful, if not good, company.