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Posted By: Dharmabum
09-Jul-03 - 02:55 PM
Thread Name: Guitar Pick Dilemma
Subject: Guitar Pick Dilemma
I've been expiermenting with this one for awhile & so far have met with only unsatisfactory results.Perhaps there's someone here with an idea I haven't tried yet.

Because of M.S. I have diminished feeling/sensation in my hands,which makes holding a pick rather difficult at times.
I either drop it completely or it slips out of position & I find myself strumming with the side of the pick.

The obvious solution I thought would be to very simply take a plastic thumbpick,cut off the striking portion,& super/crazy glue a flat pick onto it.
Simple enough.......or so you'd think.

It seems I've discovered the only materials on earth that cyanoacrylate (CrazyGlue),epoxy & P.V.C. cement will not bond!
(Yes,I realize that's an exageration ,but I'm at the end of my rope on this one)

I'm trying to utilize a National brand plastic thumbpick & various brands of thin flatpicks,which I believe are made of nylon.

I've also tried double sided tape with even less satisfactory results.

I'm open for suggestions.

Thanks DB.