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Posted By: Ralphie
11-Jul-03 - 07:33 AM
Thread Name: Singing/Fishing BBCRadio2 tonight
Subject: RE: Singing/Fishing BBCRadio2 tonight
Woops hit the wrong button there.

To continue...
Life has got so much better in the last 10 years or so....
I pose the one commercial UK or US Radio/TV station that has devoted as much time to "Alternative/Ethnic/Slightly Weird" Capital? Kiss FM? Heart? Classic FM?....No...none of the above!
Why? Well I'll tell you..

They are all in the hands of the advertising industry...Bastard!!

Playlist Hell. Rotational Broadcasting...etc, etc..

At least we at the Beeb damn well try.

I'm sorry if one of threaders already owned "Singing the Fishing" and was upset by its broadcast on Weds....What about the Kirsty McColl fans, who might not have heard of her dad, and mighty have been persuaded by Stuart Maconie to keep listening. and judge for themselves, if it was indeed a valuable archive piece??

For Gods sake...We're doing our best here in Radio land.

Don't knock us if it's not perfect.