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Posted By: JohnInKansas
12-Jul-03 - 04:00 PM
Thread Name: Learning to play a Mountain Dulcimer
Subject: RE: Learning to play a Mountain Dulcimer
It would have been nice if the originator had said thanks, but the refresh this month was by another "newby" player with a new, and fairly specific question - about strings. Refreshing an old thread on a related subject is something of a "recommended practice," although it can cause confusion, as it seems to have done here. The refresh, to ask for related information, seems appropriate in this case.

The new question received a fairly specific few replies; although a couple of later posters apparently didn't note that the original request had apparently "died," - or maybe just thought there was more to be said on the original subject.

We have had occasions where someone would "randomly" bring up bunches of old threads - usually when one of our "narrow purpose" personalities thought the BS was getting too thick. Hopefully that will be less "necessary" since the BS section has been partitioned.

The refresh on this threads seems perfectly appropriate to me - but then I'm pretty flexible about such stuff.