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Posted By: Noreen
12-Jul-03 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat tee shirts in the UK
Subject: RE: Mudcat tee shirts in the UK
Andy, I meant to reply to your questions earlier, but couldn't remember which thread to return to.

Q.1: Liz and Jude were, as is their wont, making ribald comments at the slightest provocation (I apologise, ladies, you need NO provocation!). I expect Jude was suggesting that Liz was commenting on how well-endowed you are.

Q.2: He's a big lad fer 'is mam (tr. he is a big lad for his mother) is a local (to me) affectionate comment made about a tall young man.

Sorry if we seemed to be having a joke at your expense, this wasn't the case. Your English is so good that maybe we like to test you once in a while... you certainly don't seem to miss much!

See you soon.