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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
13-Jul-03 - 02:53 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat tee shirts in the UK
Subject: RE: Mudcat tee shirts in the UK
How dare you malign me in this way? I meant nothing other than he is a large gentleman, being a clear foot taller than myself, and proportionally built, rather than being tall and skinny or just plain fat.

Any other meaning is in the mind of the reader and I really think that before you suggest I'm being crude at my friend's expense, you should inspect the cleanliness of your own backside.

Mudguard ~ It is regretable that, in certain uncouth circles, I am given to understand that 'big boy' does have other connotations, concerning the size of some apendage. I apologise if I have unwittingly offended you or others, but as I stated above, a tall boy is a wardrobe (although they're ususally shorter than you are, and do indeed have a drawer in their bottoms), and I didn't think you'd like being a piece of furniture. I know not whether you have a drawer in your bottom, because, although some others have suggested otherwise, I have never seen you in a state of dishabile... I merely suppose that, since you have no special medical needs or require a special chair, that, like the rest of humanity, you have no drawer in your bottom.

Drawers ON your bottom would be a different matter - drawers being another work for knickers, long underwear or pants, but note, I didn't say that.

If anyone was making ribald comments at anyone's expense, it was JudeL at my expense and my solicitor will be contacting to her in due course.