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Posted By: JudeL
14-Jul-03 - 06:32 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat tee shirts in the UK
Subject: RE: Mudcat tee shirts in the UK
Mudguard my dear, as Liz said, whether someone hears a crudity or a little gentle teasing on what attributes (such as height) are memorable to an individual does indeed depend on the mind of the reader.

I would imagine that most of us that have met you would have noticed that you are big (meaning tall) especially those of us like Liz & myself who are rather shorter than average, and (to use a phrase that I grew up with) you have "shoulders like tallboys" (yes I noticed too).

Yes I was indulging in a little gentle teasing of my friend Liz, in suggesting that she had been looking at/ noticing men other than Manitas (ie you). If someone else chooses to have a dirty mind and attribute other meanings to my post that is not something I can be responsible for.