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Posted By: Mary Humphreys
14-Jul-03 - 06:15 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Lord Randall
Subject: RE: Lord Randall
My favourite version, and one which I used to sing as aa question and answer song with my younger son - which I call my ' back of the fridge song' ( after the green mould frequently found on various long-forgotten items ) is this one, collected from Mrs Cremer, Eccles, Lancashire. From Bronson.

Where have you been all the live-long day,
My little wee croodin'doo?
I've been to see my stepmother
Mammy come make my bed noo.

What dod your stepmother give you to eat
My little wee croodin doo
She gave to me a wee wee fish
All covered in green & blue.

And what did she do with the bones of the fish,
My little wee croodin doo
She gave them to mny wee wee dog
Mammy come make my bed noo.

And what did your dog when he'd ate of the fish
My lttle wee croodin doo
He stretched his wee wee limbs and died
Mammy as I do noo
Mammy as I do noo.