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Posted By: Bob Bolton
18-Jul-03 - 07:36 AM
Thread Name: Sound restoration
Subject: RE: Sound restoration
G'day Arkie (and Steve Parkes for specific question),

I don't know how much this recostruction "by image processing" advances on the existing (Japanese developed and manufactured) Laser Disc Readers that were cited in a thread a few months back. I followed the link, at that time, starting with an American firm using the device to capture LPs ... at something like US$68 per disc.

The Japanese manufacturer's site said this device could be set to read the grooves just below where the stylus had worn, so the full recorded signal was available for restoration. Their LP only machine was US $6,500, ex Japan (pay your own frieght/customs/delivery) and the machine with specific formulae for all the known variants of (~)78 rpm was US$13,000! ... Maybe not this week! (They also make a specialised washer/vacuum cleaner for discs ... at $1,500.)


Bob Bolton