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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
18-Jul-03 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Good tuner
Subject: RE: Tech: Good tuner
Depending on how loud the environment is, ya, the Intellitouch is a damn fine pice of tuner... Some of the venues I play it, it simply was not up to the challenge of sorting out alternate and open tunings though...   Upstairs at -Patrick O'Ryans In Windsor- it didn't have a chance... and when it was faced with DADGAD it just sorta looked at me like I'd just slapped it with a fresh fish.... I had much better luck with the -Sabine Contact Auto-Tuner- ... and well, I think they look cooler than the Intellitouch...

For my money (If yer plugging in) a good peddle turner simply cannot be beat... my -Boss TU-2- is the best money I ever spent outside of my guitars themselves... I think I mighta paid about 80-100 bucks Canadian (which I think might be close to yer price range...

And I don't care what the Elderly Music Catalogue says... the DanElecrto peddle tuner is a waste of money! It looks cool, but it doesn't work worth beans!