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Posted By: Grab
18-Jul-03 - 07:29 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Good tuner
Subject: RE: Tech: Good tuner
The Intellitouch clips onto the headstock and picks up vibrations. A friend has one, and it's been in some pretty noisy pubs without getting confused.   It's chromatic so it can do any tuning. I can't remember if you can change it out of concert pitch or not (most chromatic ones you can though).

Other tuners use a microphone, which works very badly in a noisy pub. I reckon if you've got a pickup then it's more reliable to use a cable to feed the pickup straight into the tuner. Most tuners (other than clip-on ones) have a jack input.


(PS. Just remembered that the Korg doesn't have a light, although maybe there is a backlit version. The Intellitouch definitely does.)