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Posted By: Don Firth
18-Jul-03 - 07:56 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Good tuner
Subject: RE: Tech: Good tuner
After umpteen years of using a 440=A tuning fork and sorting the rest out by ear, difficulty in tuning in noisy environments led me to pop for an electronic tuner (boy, do I wish I'd had one of these a thousand years ago when I first started!!). I wound up getting two: one Intellitouch (about $45.00 American), and the other a Qwik-Tune for about $20.00 (I got the chromatic, but they do make one for guitar only: E A D G B--a bit cheaper). I got the Intellitouch from Elderly Instruments and the Qwik-Tune from Elderly had the one for guitar only, but not the chromatic.

Both the Intellitouch and the Qwik-Tune are dead on and easy to use. The Intellitouch clamps onto the headstock and is good for those noisy enviroments I mentioned, but the Qwik-Tune gives you a needle-type gauge complete with red and green LEDs that make it very easy to read, and it has a chomatic "pitch pipe" (electronic tones). Neat and inexpensive, but not as good in a boiler factory as the Intellitouch, so I use it at home.

Don Firth