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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
18-Jul-03 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: Lakes of Ponchartrain
Subject: RE: Lakes of Ponchartrain
As a traditional song, it has been found in a series of variants; by no means all set to the same tune. As such, it has been discussed here at some length a number of times in the past, and I'd suggest that you look at those discussions. They are easily found through the onsite search engine, but in any case links have now been added at the head of this thread.

Is it a particular variant of the song that you want to play? So far, only interpretations by revival performers have been mentioned, I think, and so far as I know they all got their sets from printed sources (or from recordings by other revival performers); none can be considered to be necessarily the "right" approach, therefore. They are subjective interpretations, each with a value of its own, but none can be considered definitive. In the end it is a choice that you must make for yourself, based upon your best understanding of the song, of its meaning to you, and how you wish your audience, if you envisage one, to react to it.