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Posted By: Jeri
20-Jul-03 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: Who should sing who else?
Subject: RE: Who should sing who else?
Les, I've been thinking about your question. That's why I haven't responded before now.

I think the resistance is because nobody can do Richard Thompson's repertoire like Richard Thompson. One of the reasons we think performers are good is because they can choose good songs, We trust their taste.

It's hard to find two performers or groups who would sound good swapping whole repertoires! Swapping individual songs is another matter. Bringing lesser known songs by lesser known songwriters (including "Anon.") into the light of day surprises and delights us. It would be a lot easier, for me anyway, to say which songs we'd like to hear certain performers sing, but the performers I enjoy are usually one step ahead of me already.

...and to be completely self serving, I wish somebody'd sing The Wheel of Time.