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Posted By: CraigS
20-Jul-03 - 08:59 PM
Thread Name: why is a guitar called a thinline?
Subject: RE: why is a guitar called a thinline?
The contouring I'm referring to is just a little scoop out at the back at the upper waist, not the full shaping you get on the Strat body - but more than you get with a regular Tele. The stripe down the back of the neck is just to fill in the space they rout out to install the truss rod - some models have a maple fill, some have rosewood; this varies between periods (ie. between years) but is common to all versions of a model in that period. Deluxe Telecasters have two humbuckers, Custom Telecasters have a humbucker at the neck position, the Telecasters with the F hole at the top are called Thinlines - I've seen a thinline Telecaster (F-hole) bass once, but Telecaster basses are so rare that I've only seen one ordinary Telecaster bass as well! The bass you found is a good example of how the term thinline is being used/abused these days - why can't they just say thin?