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22-Jul-03 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Ballad of Bethnal Green (P Roberts)
Subject: RE: Still looking for Ballad of Bethnal Green
Dear All,

About 40 years when we bought our first record player (mono of course) having very few records, we borrowed several from a neighbour, one was I think an "EP" (extended play", like a longish single, played I think at 45 rpm) by Paddy Roberts. As well as the Ballad of Bethnal Green (words below according to my memory, a little different from those suggested above, with uncertain words in square brackets) I can remember "The Englishman with his Sang Froid", "Love Isn't what it used to be" and "When I was a Little Wolf Cub and You Were a Brownie" (Thase may not have been the exact titles). Indeed I could probably if pushed remember large bits of the others and certainly the tunes. Not that I thought the tunes or words were out of this world, but as someone (?Noel Coward) once said "How extraordinary is the potency of cheap music" (or similar)!


I tell the tale of a jealous male and a maid of sweet sixteen.
She was blonde and dumb and she lived with her Mum on the fringe of Bethnal Green.
She worked all week for a rich old Greek for her dad was on the Dole.
And her one delight was a Friday night when she had a little rock and roll.

CHORUS: To my rit fal dal to my titty fal dal to my itty bitty fal dal day
To my rit fal dal to my titty fal dal to my itty bitty fal dal day.

Then one fine day in the month of May she found her big romance.
He was dark and sleek with a scar on his cheek and a pair of Drainpipe pants.
And she thought "With you I could be so true through all the years to come."
For she loved the Gay Abandoned way he chewed his chewing gum. CHORUS.

It started well because he fell for all her girlish charms
[But he had some doubt] when he caught her out in someone else's arms
He said "Look here, you know my dear, this is going a bit too far"
Then he went quite white and he sloshed her right in the middle of her cha cha cha.

He went before a man of the law who said "This will not do.
I've had enough of this sort of stuff, By Gad, from the likes of you.
And was she peeved when he received a longish term in clink.
In a fit of pique she married the Greek and now she's dressed in mink.