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Posted By: Art Thieme
24-Jul-99 - 10:49 AM
Thread Name: Peter LaFarge
Subject: RE: Peter LaFarge
Peter came through Chicago when I was working at the Old Town Folklore Center--about '65. Did a nice inpromptu set for the students--laid back yet passionate. Seemed to feel the songs and the points of view he was expressing. He wasn't a great singer, but he did seem to want to let the story in his songs make their own points. I do recall him doing "AS LONG AS THE GRASS SHALL GROW". Disregard for tribal treaty rights and provisions was a major theme of his songs. If he wasn't genetically related to Oliver LaFarge (won a Pulitzer Prize for his novel LAUGHING BOY) you sure felt that he had become a Native-American as far as his devotion to their causes, rights and sympathies were concerned. There's the old nurture vs. nature thing again.