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Posted By: Rapparee
23-Jul-03 - 11:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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That reminds me about the guy who always wanted a blue-faced mule. Best mules in the world, he said. And one day he bought one!

He couldn't believe his luck, but it was true, and he invited all of his friends out to the farm to see this paragon of mulehood. He trotted off to the barn to bring it out for admiration.

He bridled the mule, and just as he led it out of the doors and into the sunlight, the mule sat down, crossed its eyes, and wouldn't move a lick. Nothing the man could do could get that mule to move. Frustrated, the man called the veterinarian.

The vet came out, looked the situation over, and walloped the mule between the ears with a club. Then he took a peice of hose, stuck it up the mule's rectum, and gave a good, hard blow.

The mule popped right up, ready and rarin' to go. The farmer paid the vet, who got into his car and drove away. When the farmer returned from seeing the vet off, there was the mule, sitting down, cross-eyed, not moving a lick.

But the farmer knew now what to do! He got a club and a length of hose, clouted the mule between the ears, shoved the hose up the mules fundament, and blew long and hard into the hose.

Nothing happened. The farmer did it again and again, but no luck.

Frustrated, he called the vet again. And when the vet arrived, the farmer told the vet everything he'd done, and that everything had failed.

The vet picked up the club and rang the mule's chimes. Then he yanked out the hose, turned it around, reinserted it, and gave a might CHUFF! of a blow.

And the mule stood up, ready to go.

Seeing this, the farmer said to the vet, "I understand what I did wrong. I gave a long, soft blow into the hose, and not a quick, hard puff. But tell me, why did you reverse the hose? One end's pretty much like the other."

"Ah!" responded the vet. "You certainly wouldn't want me to put my mouth where yours had been, would you?"