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25-Jul-03 - 11:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Article: BBC vs American news reporting
Subject: BS: Article: BBC vs American news reporting
I found this link to a transcript of a speech given by John Willis, a BBC director, where he discusses his observations of American TV news while living in Boston and working for WGBH in the year leading up to the Iraq war, at Michael Moore's website. I thought some people here might be interested in reading it.

Text of John Willis' speech to Royal Television Society in London, June 17, 2003

The American media received much criticism from American viewers who turned to non-American news sources for critical (in the journalistic sense, where journalists are supposed look critically at all parties, at the evidence, at the sequence of events, etc) reporting of the news.

Yesterday, I posted a link to another article at the Editor and Publisher website:

Media Coverage of Government Is Declining

As an avid news junkie, I do regularly check US news sources, but usually only to check to see what the spin is. For fact checking, I use a variety of high quality US newspapers rather than American TV networks, or go to non-US news sources like the BBC, and newspaper sources from other countries like India, France, Al Jazeera, and others.

The most striking thing I've noticed, as a news junkie, about those Americans who are best informed, is that few of them are getting all their news from American sources exclusively anymore. They just don't trust the integrity of news sources in the post-Reagan era.

I guess what I find most ironic is the lame excuses the American media is coming up with for it's pathetic coverage of news, current events, and editorial and opinion writing: that Americans want feel-good coverage that always portrays the US in the most positive light. So that is what the networks especially, feel they must deliver. Since when is that the standard used for reporting--whether or not it makes us look good and/or feel good?