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25-Jul-99 - 07:28 PM
Thread Name: Peter LaFarge
Subject: RE: Peter LaFarge
I dug out my copy of "Peter La Farge sings Women Blues." (Folkways, 1964 -- one of 4 Folkways albums, it says.)

The liner notes on the website above leave out a bit about him: that he was born a member of the Narrqaganestt tribe which was going out of existence; he and his sister were adopted at birth; there was a lot about his first career as a rodeo rider, which busted him up quite a bit.

When he left the rodeo for good he was under the influence of Cisco Houston who seems to have been a mentor. He also worked with Big Bill Broonzy and others. The liner notes go on to say that he started the songs which became "as long as the grass shall grow" after building a rock something with Pete Seeger one afternoon. (Seeger does have a reputation for getting people to sing their own songs.)

and yes, the album is all original songs and pretty uneven. He also did a stint in Korea.

If you want the exact wording on the liner notes, let me know if it's legal to quote them word for word.