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Posted By: catspaw49
25-Jul-99 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: Peter LaFarge
Subject: RE: Peter LaFarge
Awhile back we were running a thread on undiscovered performers and most of the posts were the folks who are out there today. I thought then of the many like Peter LaFarge and Patrick Sky from years gone by. They had some exposure/success but for me, not enough. I don't know what makes some "hit" and others not...if I did I'd be the hottest promoter going. So many wonderful performers, songsmiths.......and yet they are famous only to a few.

Some of our own, like Art, Rick, Sandy, Caroline, and Dan (to name just a few) are certainly worthy of far more notoriety than they've had, but they are happy with the music and each goes right along enjoying the life dedicated to something they believe in. It's the rest of the world who's missing out and for that, I'm sorry for the rest of the world. And I wonder if we ever tell these fellow 'Catters just how much we do enjoy and thank them for carrying on the great tradition of folk. Yeah, I know we all do our small bits on that too, but we owe a little more to them. Thanks.