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Posted By: Roberto
27-Jul-03 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Maggie May (from A. L. Lloyd)
Subject: Lyr Req: A. L. Lloyd's Maggie May
Please help me correct and complete this text, Maggie May as sung by A. L: Lloyd, in English Drinking Songs, Topic TSCD496. Thank you. Roberto.

Here is what I get:

Now come all you young sailors and listen to me plea
And when you've heard me tale, you'll pity me
For I was a goddam (?) fool in the port of Liverpool
The very first time I came home from sea

Now, I paid off at the Home (?), from the port of Sierre Leone
Three-pound-ten a month it was me pay
Well, I wasted all me tin whilst (?) drinking up the gin
With a little girl whose name was Maggie May

Now well do I remember where I first met Maggie May
She was cruising up and down in Canning Place
She was dressed up mighty fine, like a frigate of the line
So being a ranting sailor I gave chase

I kept right on her a track, she went on the other tack
But I caught her and I broke (?) her mizzen line
Next morning I awoke with a head (???) bent (?)and broke
No coat, no vest, no trousers could I find

I asked her where they were, she said – Me good kind sir
They're down at ... (?????) pawnshop, number nine
Now, you've had your cake and bun, and it's time for you to run
Or you'll never make the dockside, lad, in time

To the pawnshop I did go but no trousers could I find
And the police came and took that girl away
And the judge he found her guilty, of robbing a homeward-bounder
So now she's doing time in Botany Bay

Oh Maggie, Maggie May, they've taken you away
Never more to roam alone (?)down Canning Place
For you've you robbed too many whalers, and you've ... (?????) so many sailors
And you'll never see old Lime Street anymore