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Posted By: George Papavgeris
30-Jul-03 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: Review: Kate Rusby - opinions please?
Subject: RE: Review: Kate Rusby - opinions please?
I owe a clarification, because some of my comments/terms were taken wrongly; perhaps my fault in using them.

By "packaged"/"manufactured" I do not mean that there is no substance to Kate herself or her music; indeed I have not expressed such an opinion anywhere in my message. I DO like what she does and how she does it. Nevertheless, having climbed to a certain level of recognition through talent and hard work, she is now (and I mean recently, not years ago) receiving industry attention and promotion.

Does she deserve it? Undoubtedly. Is she the only one who deserves such attention/promotion? Surely not - I already mentioned The Pack, and there are other young "acts" that deserve equal attention from the industry, yet they have not received it to date. Not to mention older significant contributors to folk music that have had to make it all on their own, and some died penniless.

The industry has no heart, it isn't supposed to. It wants to rekindle interest in folk music in order to boost record sales perhaps. And it chooses the acts that will best spearhead such a move. Clearly, Kate fits the bill, where perhaps others don't.

But I argue that true folk music - the one that's played in pubs and waterfronts and is shared in the making by ordinary folk - is not going to survive because of the record companies, or big concerts and big "names" alone. For that it needs the clubs, the floorsingers and the many equally worthy acts that try to make it on home-labels and with MP3s over the internet. That is my view, though some (many? most?) might disagree.

So no slight was ever intended towards Kate and her work - and if my words were taken as such, I apologise. The slight was meant for the "system".