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Posted By: Jeri
31-Jul-03 - 07:50 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Puff the Magic Dragon Happy Ending
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Puff Magic Dragon Happy Ending
Jed, Puff was real in the song, and he was sad. That's what's sad about the song. When I was a kid, I identified with Puff and I felt very bad for him.

Puff existed because Jackie believed in him. He didn't disappear when Jackie quit visiting, he just became sad. This says to me that Jackie still had dreams and fantasies, that he still had an imagination and he remembered Puff, but he'd been forced to abandon those things. (Probably forced by his parents to "quit all that day-dreaming and get back to your math homework!" If Puff was a creation of Jackie's imagination, then Jackie was also sad.

It may be true that we're all a bit sad when we have to move on to whatever's next. We don't have to completely give up our imaginations when we grow up though, no matter what some people tell us. Our imaginations grow with us. Jackie could have imagined Puff happy and doing something else, but the figurative door in the song just seemed to slam shut. Jackie would have imagined a different ending if leaving Puff was just a normal part of growing. He imagined Puff as sad and lonely though because that part of Jackie was sad and lonely.

Maybe the point of the song was to make kids and adults think about what they lose when they abandon imagination in the mistaken thought that imagination is for younger people.