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31-Jul-03 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: No Irish Need Apply
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'No Irish Need Apply'
Hey all:

Be careful of Jensen's conclusions, though. He acknowledges the great power of music. But he seems to draw very near to concluding that the Irish were not discriminated against. I think the evidence indicates otherwise.

He reads Poole's lyrics as indicating that "No Irish Need Apply" newspaper ads were prevalent. When a review of period newspaper ads reveals remarkably few ads using that precise language, he concludes that NINA is a myth. However, there are many ads indicating "Protestant only" and newspaper help wanted ads (like songs) do not reflect the entire universe of thought. At this site
is a transcription of an editorial from the Boston Pilot newspaper almost 10 years after the "Know-Nothing" Nativist party had ended domination of the Massachusetts legislature and 8 years after the party had supposedly been driven from the National scene. It indicates the ongoing existence of the prejudice even at that time. Again, one newspaper editorial does not reflect all of society, but when all the indicators are added up, the prevalence of the anti-Catholic sentiment was real and not a figment of John Poole's imagination.

Tha above site also gives links to the reply to "No Irish Need Apply" in the American Memory collection.

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