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Posted By: katlaughing
31-Jul-03 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: Fiddle wrist problem --advice requested
Subject: RE: Fiddle wrist problem --advice requested
Do you tightly grip your bow a lot? If so, loosening your grip, giving it a "light" touch may help. Also, warm up exercises for your hand and wrist. Watch that you don't hit your elbow on anything as the ulnar nerve runs right down through your wrist to your fourth and litte fingers which can cause a lot of pain, too.

My aucpuncturist warns me not to wear any kind of braces, rather to treat with tolerable heat, such as one of those small husk-filled pillows put in the microwave. I also use a Chinese topical tinccture calledf Zheng Gui(sp) Shui when my wrist or some other part gets sore from repetitive motion.

I am sure the others here will have a lot more info for you than this, though. Keep checking's a good place to find answers!