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Posted By: Steve Parkes
01-Aug-03 - 05:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Are you ept? Ert? Ane? I hope so...
Subject: RE: BS: Are you ept? Ert? Ane? I hope so...
Rapaire: the Eton Wall Game would be ... paramural? metamural? incomprehensimural? (played with a wall, but nobody understands the rules)

Hold it -- I'm mixing my Latin and Greek roots here -- I'll be drummed out of the Linguistic Brownies ... admural? A game plyed nowhere near a wall would be proculmural (I've got all their records), while a game where the wall was very important would be ultramural. I think intermural would be a game where walls played against each other.

Pace Joseph Heller, but someone who wasn't a baptist would be an abaptist; would an ananabaptist be someone who wasn't a baptist, or someone who'd been re-baptised again? (Or a Frenchman who baptised bananas?)