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Posted By: Frankham
01-Aug-03 - 02:20 PM
Thread Name: Fiddle wrist problem --advice requested
Subject: RE: Fiddle wrist problem --advice requested
If it's the left hand that's giving you trouble, hold the wrist straight, that is don't bend the wrist inward toward the neck or outward either. Support the neck with the upper part of the thumb and the pad of the first finger right below the first joint. You should see a "v-shaped window" between the thumb and index finger and the palm of the left hand. The reason that the so-called classical technique is used is to avoid such problems.

The bow hold should be flexible enough to allow some finger motion to occur. Mark OConnor recommends using the thumb below the frog rather than inside the bow stick. This might free up your bow hold a bit.
This is an old Texas fiddle hold used by one of Mark OConnor's influences, Benny Thomasson.

Frank Hamilton