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Posted By: Cattail
02-Aug-03 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Advice on preparing nettles
Subject: RE: BS: Advice on preparing nettles
Hi, all you great folks out there,

I too remember going to Heysham as a child and having nettle beer.
As I recall, (and we're going back a looonngg way here), it was a
very refreshing and tasty drink.

I got this recipe from somewhere, but have never tried making
it as yet. So don't blame me if it tastes aweful. ;)



To make nettle beer, boil for half hour, 4 lb of the green sprouts
of young nettles in 2 gallons of water;
Then strain off the liquor and add 1 lb granulated sugar and 2 teaspoonfuls of ground ginger. Stir until the sugar is entirely dissolved and the ginger incorporated. Pour the beer into a
wooden vessel that can be covered up, or a stone jar;
A cask is best.

Lay on the surface of the liquor a small piece of very dry toast
spread with ½ oz of dried yeast. Keep the vessel almost covered
and let the liquor work for 3 days, then bottle it before it has
quite finished working.

The bottles must be perfectly dry, or the beer will mould, and
they must be securely corked.

March and April are the best times for making nettle beer.


Could I also suggest that if you try it, do be careful in case
the bottles explode, you do hear stories of this happening.

Cheers and beers

Cattail 0~