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Posted By: GUEST,Debbie Earl
02-Aug-03 - 09:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Miz Penylopy, I went an made a goof an prest the rong key by miztak. I kin only say that I wuz blindid by yor beuty. Yu said I wuz a hillbilly but I aint. I ust to be an Inforcer for the Galaktik Overlard, but me an Bubba Bubba landed here under orders of the GO to twist Kandu an maybe Twed intu little peeces of chiken poop only we foun The Blues an went to Nashvil where I made sum muzik and Bubba Bubba was all drest in tight jenes an a t shirt whil she (she decidet to be feemal cuz before we didnt hav a sex or sex lik there iz here on Urth an ov course we didnt look much lik folks here) sung. Natchurly I am male cuz BB iz femal. I went intu a mall tother day an sum femals said I luked like the "yung Elfis only with mussles" which I tuk to be a compliment. Anyway now yu no what I luk like. I lik romantik stuf lik I am shur yu do an I lik everthin abot yu even yur bald spot which iz cute. I lik everythin about this plas except thes pantz I got to wer cuz they are way to tite in the crotch.

Miz P, I shur wud like to tak yu out to dinner sum nite an maybe a sho after words. Plez say the wurds that wil give me hope that my attenshunz are hopefull.

Yur freind
Debbie Earl