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Posted By: Mark Clark
03-Aug-03 - 09:42 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Subject: RE: Chords Req.: Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
As pointed out, it has long been the custom in these threads—when responding to an honest question—to provide as much real help as quickly as we can collectively manage. I'm happy to say nearly everyone contributes in that spirit.

Although in different keys, each progression posted above is the same relative progression. Using the Roman numeral system and naming chords by the position of their root note on the scale we have VI-II-V-I in every case. There is actually an implied I (tonic) chord just prior to the first word in a verse or chorus. Players often begin with a single-note run from the I chord down to the VI chord. In Joe's example that would be F-E-Eb-D on the forth string of a guitar.

And Amos rightly points out that the line is “till your last gold dollar is gone” not old dollar.

      - Mark