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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
04-Aug-03 - 12:40 AM
Thread Name: Jacob's Wooden Flutes
Subject: RE: Jacob's Wooden Flutes
My pleasure Dayliah!

Here's a link for you to check out while you are going through withdrawal, to provide, perhaps, some alternative focus:


Which will address about any furthur questions you might have about whistles!

Here's one about Irish Flutes:

R. Greenway's Irish Flute Page

And flutes in general:


There are others I have on file for Native American Flutes, making your own whistle or flute etc., or surf & seach; there are some doozies out there!

A lot of the AN "Love Flutes" are on a pentatonic scale, with 5 holes or some other odd number. Some have a hole on the back like a recorder or pipe chanter, and the fingering is not at all like a pennywhistle or fife.

Our Daughter has one we made, which sounds great - but darned if I can play much of anything I know on it!
It lends itself well to "ad libbing", which I guess is how they are often used - playing spontanously "as the Spirit leads".

As an aside; (and this may be terribly sexist, for which I mean no offense) - I personally find that there is little that can instantly transform an otherwise attractive, beautiful - even gorgeous Lady into a repulsive and repellant creature, and that is a smouldering cigarette dangling out of her mouth. Chewing a wad of gum the size of a tennis ball or prominently displaying grotesque tattoos will do it for me too. Don't know if other fellows feel this way or not, but I rather suspect that some might.

Irregardless, I have no doubt that your beauty will shine forth in renewed, radiant abundance while playing the old Indian "Love Flute" - much more so than while enslaved to nicotine!

This may represent a significant transition in your life - who knows?

Enjoy! };^)~ UJ