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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
04-Aug-03 - 09:07 AM
Thread Name: Black Jack Davey Dylan
Subject: RE: Black Jack Davey Dylan
It's a funny old world init? The first version I heard was 'spans and I always tend to compare others to that! I am a big fan of Mr Z as well though. Hey! Who had their teen years in the 60's and wasn't? I spent years with a yard or two of the best plywood I could afford in Woolworths and a Lucky Star gob-iron in C trying to emulate that sound;-) I have not heard the 1992 BJD though. Must give it a listen!

The only thing I would bring to the trad/non-trad controversy though is that given time everything that is worth keeping becomes trad! What I find odd is the phrase 'I like folk music' is usualy answered by a) 'Oh , all that finger in the ear, Arran sweater stuff?' or b) 'Oh, all that contemporary mumbling of meaningful lyrics into the microphone?' Both camps get up my nose! Folk music is undefinable!

Cheers and good luck with the research.

Dave the Gnome